Crdl is a care instrument designed to create impactful connections between people.



Crdl was born out of the wish to enable moments of meaningful connection between people with physical or cognitive impairments and their loved ones. It provides a sensorial experience that explores the beauty of touch and sound.
Crdl is used as a therapeutic intervention by caregivers to engage with people suffering from conditions such as dementia, autism, mental disabilities or visual impairments.



Crdl has the innovative ability to transform the human body into a musical instrument.

At the moment when both users lay their hand on the Crdl, their touch is translated into sounds.

Different types of touch will trigger different sounds that enhance the emotional experience, enabling people to connect naturally and spontaneously.


Sound and music can have a powerful effect. They trigger memories and emotions and can touch our hearts! Crdl’s sound-stories are little immersive worlds. They are carefully curated and composed to enable a profound experience between the users. Crdl is able to distinguish between different types of touch, such as holding, tickling, stroking, tapping and kneading. A warm cello can be activated by a stroke, while the piano by a tickle. Explore some of Crdl’s sound-stories!

Touch is care, and care is an innate need of all of us.

Their Experience

In their words

Read stories of the Crdl being told by the ones that experience it daily: caregivers, therapists, teachers, families and their loved ones. Their experience is how we like to tell our story.

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