The Experience

Crdl’s impact comes alive at the hands of caretakers, physiotherapists, teachers and loved ones. This is how we best portray Crdl’s experience, through the words of the people who daily care for a better way to connect with their patients, students, residents or family members.

Touch is care, and care is an innate need of all of us.

Prof. Dr. Luc de Witte Crdl Ambassador
Prof. Dr. Luc Witte
“When ‘normal’ communication becomes difficult, CRDL offers a beautifully simple and intuitive means to connect. Touch and sound have the power to deeply move us all. Using…
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“It is a unique way to interact with each other. Even I think it was an extraordinary experience, just imagine how this must be for someone suffering from Dementia.
Where we normally tend to think whilst having an experience, they simply experience the moment for itself. Here and now.”

Odette Tap

Individual Caregiver

Crdl interaction
Mr. R. is a very polite and engaging person. During the Crdl interaction he was very vocal about what he liked about it and was excited to interact with the others. With his gentle touch he was almost like a caregiver, making sure to give to others his best. It was clear that this was a social moment for him, something he really enjoyed.
Crdl interaction happy participation
Seeing R. light up when interacting with the Crdl is so special. He enjoys even more seeing people around him react to his experience. It was a moment of joy and laughter for us all.
Mrs. R is talkative and excited to interact with people. During this Crdl interaction she was able to sing along with “Kortjakje”, a song from her childhood, and take us back with her through her stories. It was her moment to shine and be the belle of the ball.
Crdl interaction solo play
M. enjoys interacting with the Crdl by her self. She actively explores the sounds and definitely has her favourites! In certain moments she takes your hand and suggests that you should touch the back of her neck for some extra fun.
Mrs. B is often asleep during the day but was wide awake during her Crdl moment. To see her fully present and open was heart-warming.
Crdl interaction listening closely
This was N. first time interacting with the Crdl. He was immediately curious about the sounds. He could not wait to take the Crdl and place it really close to his ear. The smooth sound of the sitar seemed to take him to a relaxed and calm state in which he enjoys staying.
Vision impaired Crdl user smiling
Before the interaction with the Crdl started, G. was agitated and did not have a smile on his face. During the interaction we could watch him bloom, be more present and enjoy the surrounding company, he seamed to enjoy how Crdl help him focus and interact with the others.
Crdl interaction listening closely
Mrs. G. enjoyed the sounds. For her, the Crdl interaction was more about exploring different sound-stories and finding one that inspired her. Although she did not want to have her hands on the Crdl, she made sure to make clear to her caregiver when to change sounds or how much she was enjoying it.
Crdl interaction exploring with touch
C. is talkative and likes to tell stories. Her interaction with the Crdl allowed her to interact with others in the room. It also helped her to focus on the moment and give in to the sound-stories in a relaxed and calm way.
Crdl interaction
Mrs. S. definitely had her favourite sounds. She made that very clear! She enjoyed exploring the sounds and was surprised by how touch influenced it.

“Crdl encounters really move me.”

Patricia Bos

Caregiver for the Prinsenstichting

“We often see wonderful connections arise when clients work with the Crdl. They focus on each other and discover that they can create beautiful melodies when working together. The Crdl contributes to the sense of kinship between clients. The effects can be quite moving.”

Ingrid Zuijdervliet

Visio, Huizen

“For me, care is about truly connecting with others and creating beautiful moments together. Making contact is so much more than just talking to each other. Through means of touch and eye contact, you’re able to connect with each other deeply and actually express more than can be said in words alone.”

Kevin Pronk