Stanley van der Kuil

Individual Caregiver

“Laurens is a foundation that offers elderly care throughout several locations in Rotterdam (NL). I work as an individual caregiver and try to fulfil the welfare needs of our clients, by offering activities aimed at sensory stimulation, even when verbal communication is no longer possible.

I use the Crdl as a tool to help me engage and stimulate personal contact with our clients. It creates a moment of relaxation and allows for sincere attention for each other to be shared. This enables me to help mirror the client and to truly acknowledge them – that it is ok for them to just be. Such a moment can really have an empowering effect and generate beautiful reactions. I’ve had encounters in which a client that suffered from apathy all of sudden looked me straight in the eye, even started talking, while I and my colleagues had no idea that this was still even possible. I find these moments genuinely rewarding – then I know that my goal has been achieved, that a heartfelt connection has been made!”