Teun Toebes

Care Ambassador

“I am a professional caregiver through and through and currently live in a care institution myself. I am also the founder and ambassador of the ‘sTeun en toeverlaat’ Foundation. Through my work I want to create as many moments of happiness for people with dementia as I can, by showing the versatile ways in which human connection can be established. To this end, I organise a variety of activities, such as a silent disco or an ‘art-fashion’ show for the elderly. In all the activities I undertake, I try to involve family members, so that they can see their loved one in a positive and hopeful light. 

There is a great need among family members to connect with their loved ones with dementia and I frequently lend out my Crdl to help facilitate this. Afterwards, family members often let me know how moving it can be to see a deep relaxation or twinkle in the eyes of their loved one. Due to the fact that a Crdl moment does not rely on spoken language, there is space to freely discover new and familiar sounds together. There is a sense of equality and reciprocality in this form of contact. 

The Crdl is also a great tool to apply in a group. I used it as an aid at a team meeting with other caregivers to signify the importance of interconnection. Only by being connected and working together as a team, we are able to achieve our goals. When a single person steps out and disconnects, this will effect the contact with the client. Crdl show that the contact between caregivers also needs to be strong. Only this way we can offer residents and families the care they deserve! ”