Wieneke Flach

Siloah Bodegraven

“Siloah is a care facility that offers care and support to people with a physical and / or mental disability with over 20 locations throughout the Netherlands. I work as a caretaker at our location in Bodegraven and use the Crdl in one-to-one interactions with our clients. In my experience the Crdl is an effective aid that helps our clients to relax, especially those that experience high body tension. Clients respond to the combination of affectionate touch, the music they create and the undivided attention they receive from their caretaker during such a Crdl moment.

I’ve worked with a client that normally experienced a lot of internal unrest that could sometimes translate into the display of aggressive behaviour towards her surroundings and caretakers. However, engaging with her in a Crdl moment would often quickly lead to a calmer attitude, whereby the built-up tension and aggressive behaviour disappear. By sharing an affectionate moment with her and offering a new positive focus point, her tension could be dissipated.

The Crdl can also really bring a smile to the face of clients who spend a lot of time in their own world. They open up like a flower, and get a sparkle in their eyes. Such moments can be very gratifying for both clients and caretakers.”