Breaking Isolation

A Crdl moment aims to break social isolation and establish connection. Crdl creates a form of equality, whereby each participant has the same opportunity to engage and enjoy the other’s presence and energy, regardless of cognitive abilities.

Crdl sets up conditions for a shared encounter that can be open and vulnerable. A heartfelt connection, from one human to another.

We believe in the transformational power
of human touch.

The Crdl moment

A Crdl moment starts when two users each place a hand on the conductive pads forming a circuit at the moment they touch each other. The Crdl recognizes the manner and intensity of touch and translates this into different sounds. However, it is the user that creates the possibilities. How a person chooses to approach and touch another, can convey different meanings and intentions. Funny, deep, relaxed or intimate. Crdl can be used one-on-one or in a large group session.

The Impact

The power of a Crdl interaction recreates one that has been lost in contemporary life.

We believe in the basic human need to connect.

The Crdl experience enables moments of presence, when we can see beyond any disability and connect with another person effortlessly.

The experience enhances user’s quality of life because it creates an opportunity to embrace the essential need to belong, to be alive, to grow.


The 15 sound-stories of the Crdl are carefully crafted to evoke meaningful memories and emotions. The sound creates an intuitive experience, allowing users to be deeply involved in the moment. Adding your own sounds to your Crdl is also possible.

Natural Design

Perfect Balance

Crdl’s design is inspired by nature’s balance. Its proportions, shape and high-quality solid hardwood shell are crafted to create a nurturing experience.

The electronics, cached inside the wooden shell, keep the technology hidden from view.

No buttons, wires, lights or plugs intrude upon the physical experience of the Crdl.


Every Crdl comes with:

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Charging Cable: Crdl is charged using a magnetic USB charging cable
  • Sound Packages: 5 sound-stories (Basic) or 15 sound-stories (Complete)
  • Crdl Complete ships with a robust, high-quality suede carrying case with protective felt padding inside and out.

Conductive Pads and Control Panel

The conductive pads that are integrated on both ends of the Crdl complement the overall organic shape. Made out of graphite elastomere, they are easy to clean and wear resistant. They form a tactile contrast with the smooth wooden shell, inviting the user to touch them.

The control panel is hidden from view behind a well crafted door, to not let the technical functionality distract from Crdl’s natural presence. There you will find the power button, sound controls, and the magnetic charge port.


  • Weight: +/- 3 kg
  • Dimensions: 405*250*155mm
  • Operating temperature range: 10 – 40 ° Celcius
  • Operating humidity range: 40 – 60% Relative humidity
  • Operating voltage / Power consumption: 3.7V / 3.75W
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery energy: 21.6 Wh
  • Standby time on 1 battery charge: 17 hours
  • Average operating time on 1 battery charge: 6 hours
  • Battery charging time (empty to full): 4 hours
  • Protection rating: IP20