CES 2023

We were at CES Las Vegas 2023!

It was an intense 4 days at CES, full of interesting people presenting new technologies that translated into new life-improving innovations.

As a winner of the CES Innovation award 2023, we were excited to present the CRDL to CES’s curious audience.

Having Prince Constantijn there to support the Dutch innovators was a Big Bonus. We will always remember how so many audiences became truly touched and emotional after experiencing Crdl.

They really get the “why”. Overall, we were happy to see the Crdl resonating with people from all over the world and getting so much attention and feedback.

Below are some articles about the Crdl that really make us happy.

Crdl is CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES talks about how his team teared up when experiencing the Crdl.

Forbes Brazil ranks Crdl first in their top 10 innovations on CES.

Italian Wire Magazine includes Crdl in their top 10 most interesting Startups.

Crdl blew Brian Tong’s mind on his YouTube channel.

Interesting Engineering counts Crdl in their 7+ of the greatest gadgets from CES.

The Gadget Flow has Crdl in their day 1 favorites roundup.

France24 features Crdl on news item about CES.

Crdl on Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious.