Crdl use in times of Corona

The need for personal contact and attention among residents has been a shortcoming recently.  With the Corona Crisis resulting in lockdown and stricter visiting rules, many healthcare organizations are struggling to find answers to provide the level of care needed and fulfill the increased need for social contact.  The following are four perspectives from different spectrums of care institutions that have taken on this challenge by implementing de Crdl into their care program.

Jessy Slokkers: Social Worker at Aafje in Schiehoven. 

Especially in the corona crisis, she cannot wait until they can get started with their own Crdl that they recently ordered.

Jessy says: “We have borrowed the Crdl before and notice that it relaxes the residents enormously. Even people who do not normally like to be touched can now accept it. Because no family visits due to the Coronavirus, the residents miss being physically close among themselves even more. This is precisely the time when the clients need more personal attention. The Crdl will be very valuable especially for the Geriatric Department.”

In healthcare it is not possible not to touch a client. If you have to wash someone, you obviously just have to do your job. The Crdl is also included in the care-plan and shall in this time offer relaxation and pleasure for the residents. Once the Crdl has been delivered, I will personally visit residents to use the Crdl and will apply the recommended hygiene measures at all times.”

Annemieke Bijman: Remedial Educator at  Raphael Foundation: Location Midgard.

Annemieke Bijman tells about the experience with the Crdl during the Covid-19 lockdown:

At the end of last year, we received a gift from an institution. We looked at the options available within this budget and we soon found the Crdl. At the beginning of this year, we ordered the Crdl. Together with the Crdl advisors, we had even planned a small party to celebrate the delivery with the workshop. Unfortunately then the lockdown came and the party was canceled. Due to the lockdown, we had to come up with a new activity program for the residents, since the daycare activities are closed. A music therapist came up with the idea to have the Crdl delivered anyway. The Crdl is now providing a useful activity.”
We have a population with many residents with multiple disabilities, or with a very low cognitive level. We often cannot handle the one and a half meters distance, also because clients need physical care. We have therefore decided to initiate the use of the Crdl during this period as well. Fortunately, there is no Corona at the location, but in order to execute protective measures anyway, we have taken the different living groups together as a kind of ‘own household’. The Crdl can be used within this group. Of course with extra hygiene.

Sanne Ijdo: Team Leader: Kleinschalig Wonen PG by Pieters and Bloklands Gasthuis: Location Wervershof.

Some time ago there was a student working at the location who was researching the Crdl online. Ultimately, we decided to schedule a demonstration. After the demonstration we knew for sure the Crdl would be a nice experience for the residents. Eventually money was raised and we received the Crdl from the Friends Foundation.  Because the Crdl has been donated, the location wanted to make a celebration of the delivery. Unfortunately, this plan was canceled by Corona and the delivery fell through. Nevertheless, the location decided to have the Crdl delivered in these turbulent times, without the planned party.

Sanne says: “I notice that residents miss physical contact enormously. As a result, they are more agitated than usual. We can have a conversation and show our presence, but the residents clearly lack physical contact. Video calling with family simply does not work for everyone. I hope that by using the Crdl we will get more emotions and reactions than with other activities.

“We will immediately use the Crdl in a residential group with several clients, to experience and get acquainted with the possibilities. It will be a special experience for residents who are in bed due to somatic complaints or who can no longer speak due to aphasia. “

Ineke de Visser : Care Manager at Siloah: Location Zeeuwse.

It was precisely in the corona crisis that they decided to offer clients a Crdl.

A while ago I heard great things about the Crdl from a colleague in another area of work,” Ineke said. “The Crdl stood at the top of our wish list. The question, however, was whether the Crdl would also appeal to our target group. Then all of a sudden the Coronavirus arrived, which meant that our clients no longer had the option of daycare and we had to limit activities within the location.” A good time to take a look at the wish list, Ineke thought.

“An employee from one of our locations in the West region told us how great the Crdl was as a social activity for the clients. Especially as a sensory and experience-oriented activity for clients with an autism disorder. She said that it would certainly be an asset to the Zeeuwse residential locations. Fortunately a friends committee was inclined to give financial support to buy one and gifted it to us. “

“Now that there is a visitation ban due to the Coronavirus, we can use the Crdl for one-on-one contact with the client. We will make additional agreements about hygiene during use, by cleaning the Crdl before and after use and using face masks. Of course the Crdl will not fill in the absence of the parent and representatives.  However, in times of the visitation ban,  we can guide them through personal contact in the processing of the absence.”

Although the Dutch cabinet decided in March 2020 to schedule a visitor stop to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, these visiting rules have been relaxed again from 15 June. From week 25, nursing homes are expected to use this new visiting arrangement, whereby the residents can receive visitors again!

Below are a number of hygiene guidelines on how the Crdl can be used again so that residents and care staff can continue to experience special contact moments in these difficult times:

  1. Clean the Crdl with a disinfectant wipe before use.
  2. Clean all body parts of the Crdl users that are not covered with clothing with a disinfectant wipe. 
  3. Only touch each other on the decontaminated touch surfaces.  
  4. Clean the Crdl and body parts again afterward. 

The HEKA or INCIDIN disinfecting wipes are recommended. 

Together we can help keep our vulnerable fellow human beings safe.