Crdl- Music Therapeutic Intervention

Music therapist Kimberley Janssen-Bouwmeester at De Zorggroep in North and Central Limburg, published a scientific article stemming from her research thesis into the effects of Crdl.  The article published in the Journal for Vocational Therapy (Tijdschrift voor Vaktherapie, December 2020) details a pilot study into the development of a music-therapeutic intervention with the Crdl. The reader is taken through the development process of the intervention by means of a case description.

Co-authors of the article are: Mathilde Akse, MSc, who works as a music therapist at Aafje and Dr. Anna-Eva Prick, neuropsychologist, lecturer in psychology at the Open University, lecturer and researcher at (Kennisontwikkeling Vaktherapie├źn) at Zuyd Hogeschool and lecturer in the master’s course in vocational therapy Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen.