Crdl wins National Healthcare Innovation Award 2018

Nijmegen, 16 March 2018 – Crdl is the winner of the National Healthcare Innovation Professional Jury Award 2018. The results were announced during the annual Health Valley Event in Nijmegen. Dennis Schuivens, one of the designers of Crdl: “This is fantastic. Thanks to this award, Crdl will soon reach out to more people’s lives. ”

The professional jury, made up of a number of leading healthcare innovation professionals, was unanimous about the decision. “Crdl is an innovation that contributes to the promotion of communication between patients and their environment or care providers and is unique in its kind,” said jury member Nico van Meeteren, director of the Top Sector Life Sciences and Health.


Crdl will receive a sum of € 10,000, support with further development and access to the network of Stichting ZorgInnovatie Nederland. Schuivens and Chen, designers of the Crdl: “We are very happy with the recognition, but the greatest value for us lies in the ‘attention to attention’. Hopefully, this extra awareness will help clients and family to have real contact with each other again. ”


Crdl was shortlisted at the beginning of this year, along with nine other nominated healthcare innovations. All ten nominated innovations make patients’ lives easier. The public award went to Abena Nova.

About CRDL

Crdl is a care instrument designed to create impactful connections between people. It provides a sensorial experience that explores the beauty of touch and sound. Crdl is used as a therpeutic intervention by caregivers to engage with people suffering from conditions such as dementia, autism, mental disabilities or visual impairments. Crdl was previously awarded: HeldCare 2017, the Purpose Award 2017, NRC Live Moonshot Startup 2017 and NRC Live Care Technology Startup 2016.